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How can a simple technique create so many benefits?

Reduce stress, and the quality of your health improves by itself.

“No other ‘stress management technique’ has anywhere close to TM’s amount of hard data in support of its claims to reduce stress.”
Norman Rosenthal, MD, U.S. National Institutes of Mental Health

What you will read below may sound too good to be true…

A simple enjoyable technique that has better effects than most medicines, but without any negative side effects, must sound too good to be true, but the benefits of Transcendental Meditation on health and well-being have been backed up by hundreds of studies from over 250 universities and research institutes around the world, including:


Here’s how it works: Deep rest removes deep stress

6 million practitioners and 40 years of research confirm that Transcendental Meditation is the most successful relaxation method in the world, because it creates a far more profound state of rest than ordinary relaxation.

Transcending…a profound state of rest that can be measured.

Transcending is a state where the mind spontaneously reaches a state of complete inner silence while remaining fully alert (see more below). Research from Harvard Medical School showed that during Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice the body reaches a deep state of rest far more quickly than during sleep. Ref.Science 27 Vol. 167 no. 3926 pp. 1751-1754 1970

More than 30 researches over the past 40 years have confirmed this deep state of rest during TM practice, far deeper than ordinary relaxation.Ref.American Psychologist, 1987, 42: 879-881.

This deep rest allows the body to effectively remove our rocks. It works, even with those who have to carry a bigger backpack than just about anyone else.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) with war veterans are generally considered incurable. Over the last 15 years more soldiers have died from suicide at home than on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. They just didn’t see any other way out. Yet a recent study with Iraq War veterans showed a 50% reduction in PTSD and depression after only 8 weeks of TM practice.Ref.Military Medicine, june 2011 The results were so impressive that CNN did a feature on it (Watch the CNN Video ).
And the US army is now actively supporting the TM technique for its soldiers. Ref.

In a similar earlier study with Vietnam war veterans the TM group saw such significant improvements on a wide variety of mental problems that after only 3 months of practice 70% of the war veterans required no further treatment. In contrast, the control group that received standard psychotherapy showed no improvement.Ref.Journal of Counseling and Development 64: 212–215, 1985

These studies show that we are actually far more powerful to heal ourselves than we can imagine, we only have to learn how to activate the healing process. If even war veterans can heal their PTSD through TM – where all other approaches failed – it can probably help just about anyone.

The video below shows several more examples of just how powerful TM can be for those who are suffering from traumatic stress. It also shows why more and more scientists, educators, celebrities and governmental institutions are supporting the TM technique.

In search of happiness

The ancient texts described the experience of transcending as a state of deep inner happiness. This is why the mind will transcend spontaneously, if only it gets the chance, because it is looking for this happiness.

Today, though modern science, we can measure this state objectively, by measuring concentrations of serotonin, our “happiness” hormone. Research has shown that during TM practice, serotonin production spontaneously increases.Ref.BUJATTI, M., and RIEDERER, P. Serotonin, noradrenaline, dopamine metabolites in Transcendental Meditation technique. Journal of Neural Transmission 39: 257–267,1976.

posterA2-3-serotonin-04This is a remarkable result because normally the only way to increase serotonin is through medication which has many negative side effects. From 350 peer reviewed scientific researches on the TM technique, none have found any negative side effects.

Medical research has shown that stress plays a major role in the decrease in serotonin production. Low serotonin concentrations are related to, not only depression, but a number of other problems like addictions, migraines, insomnia, Alzheimers, anger, eating disorders etc. The increased of serotonin during transcending is one of the ways to objectively measure how the body is starting to repair itself from the disturbances from long-term accumulated stresses.

Transcending = activating our own inner healing power

If stress is allowed to accumulate throughout life, it will eventually disturb the natural functioning of our nervous system, resulting in all kinds of psychological or physical health problems. It is estimated that 80 to 90% of all diseases are directly or indirectly related to stress.

Transcending allows the body to remove even our deepest stresses, thereby remove the root cause of, not just depression, but actually most health problems. We are far more able to heal ourselves that we believe.

A large scale study that looked at the health statistics of 2000 TM practitioners over 5 years showed a 50 to 70% reduction in hospitalizations. The older population showed the strongest decreases. A more detailed investigation showed 87% decrease in heart disease, and 60% decrease in cancer.Ref.Psychosomatic Medicine 49: 493–507, 1987

posterA2-7-hospitaladmission-06Over the past 40 years 350 peer reviewed TM studies have confirmed the effects of transcending on our health. The results show, without a doubt, that the TM technique is not only the most thoroughly researched method to prevent disease, but also the most effective method ever researched.

Government research: 95% feels TM is easy, effective, valuable

Over the past 8 years the department of Education in San Francisco has done 17 TM studies in 4 schools, showing the powerful effects of the combination of reduced stress and more complete brain development as a result of TM practice.


These results are confirmed by a pan-european survey of 500 TM practitioners, where 97% felt that TM was a good investment.

By now 450 schools in 60 countries are using the Transcendental Meditation program as part of their school curriculum.

Do you have 90 min to discover how everything can change?

“I have tried meditations but I could not do it. I concluded that I’m apparently incapable of meditating… when I learned TM it was the easiest thing I’ve ever done… I got my entire family to learn.”
Cameron Diaz

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